SAI Digital Client Resources

Your Tools

Collected on this page are resources our clients may need, from information on how to make a support request to links for logging in to online services. 

SAI DIGITAL SUPPORT: Have a problem with your website or app? You can go here to open a support ticket. It will be emailed directly to multiple members of our development team so you know it will be seen quickly.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Go here to access our project management software. You can start discussions, check task lists, upload files and leave feedback.

BILLING: View and pay invoices, see hours and expenses logged to your project and leave feedback.

DOMAIN MANAGEMENT: If SAI Digital registered your domain name for you, this is where you can go to manage it. (Be careful though - domain name changes can cause your site to stop working!)


HUBSPOT: Inbound marketing clients login here to view data, manage content, view email performance stats, and more.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: See how many people are viewing your site, what kind of devices they're using and how they're getting there (plus SO much more data).

Other Recommended Providers

RACKSPACE EMAIL and GOOGLE APPS: SAI Digital doesn't provide email services (it's just not what we do best), but these two companies have great, affordable options.

MAILCHIMP: Our favorite email marketing provider, and it's free if your list has less than 2,000 subscribers.

CONSTANT CONTACT: Many of our customers are very happy with Constant Contact's integrated email, social, and event management tools. 

WordPress website management

Most of our standard websites are built on the WordPress  content management system. Here are some resources that may help you as you manage your site:

Need help accessing a service?

We never hold data hostage. If you can't find your credentials for a particular service, just contact us. We want to make sure you are using all the tools available to you.