Custom Web Applications

Software that improves operations, accesssible from anywhere

While a regular website is about presenting information, a web application is custom software that can be accessed through your browser. Features often found in web apps include sophisticated user access controls, reporting functions, and data analysis.

We build tools that allow businesses to integrate users, communities, and clients into a centralized workflow that saves time and money. Custom systems can be built around an organization’s current business objectives, strategies and operating culture while keeping to best practice and user expectations on the web frontend.

SAI Digital developers use open source tools for maximum functionality and customization. A custom system means the software will be built to support your processes; you won't have to change how you do things to work around a one-size-fits-all pre-built solution.

Our Toolbox

Every project is unique, but these are the technologies and frameworks we use on most web applications.

Ruby on Rails: Currently the best choice for building custom applications. It provides the best development tools and environment, which greatly speeds development and decreases costs. 

Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation: Frameworks for quick deployment of reponsive design. The web application layout will automatically scale and change depending on the device being used to view it.

Javascript: A programming language especially well-suited for user interactions.

Git: Revision control that allows multiple members of the SAI Digital team to collaborate on a project, with a history of all changes that can be reverted if necessary.

Heroku: Specialized web app hosting, Heroku can scale to provide resources on demand and then decrease available resources when not needed to minimize costs. 



Case Study

Floyd Medical Center

The problem: Managing 800 medical student rotation applications each semester was immensely time-consuming and paper-heavy.  

The solution: The SAI Digital team built a custom web app that streamlined the student onboarding process. Now, prospective medical students receive a code from their schools that allows them to sign up and complete their rotation requests entirely online. Every department manages their own queue including all IT, Security, Health, and HR required. Everything from parking decals to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) access to badge printing is driven by StudentManager. 

The client reports saving 80 hours of labor every semester and happier med students who are more likely to choose their institution when they graduate.  

Function based web development combined with sound information architecture makes for scaleable systems.