The SAI Process

What to expect when you work with us

Every project is unique. We always tailor the process to fit your specific needs and features. But generally, here are the steps we'll take together after you sign with SAI Digital.

Web App Planning

When we build web apps, the first step is a comprehensive planning phase. During this time, SAI staff will lead a series of discussions with key stakeholders at your organization, working together to build out content and feature lists, design styles and technology requirements. At the end of the planning period, you will receive a report with a full feature list, mockups, wireframes, and plan for implementation.

Building the Site or App

This is where we start with standard websites, and what comes after the planning phase for our web apps.

1. Kickoff Meeting

We'll discuss timelines, get specifics on the feature list, talk about design preferences and go over our project management software.

2. Content & Feature Planning

Figuring out your content structure -- including a page list, navigation scheme and full feature list -- is the first step in creating a design that works. You'll get a checklist of everything you'll need to provide.

3. Visual Design

Through wireframes and mockups, our team will come up with one or more design ideas for how your site could look on the screen. We'll review with you and revise until you're happy with the general look of the site. 

4. Building the Site or App

This is where the developers take over, working from the approved feature list, wireframes and mockups. Our project manager will keep you informed of progress with weekly updates, and you'll receive a demo link where you can see the site take shape.

5. Adding the Content

After the site is built, it's time to add the content according to the plan devised earlier in the process. If you need help producing content, our talented writers can work with you to create the perfect pages and posts for your new site.

6. Testing & Quality Assurance

We check the site in supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8 and up) and on various desktop and mobile devices. We'll fix anything that's broken, and gracefully degrade certain elements that aren't supported on older browsers.

7. Launch

Your site or app will be launched on our enterprise-level servers. We'll install Google Analytics for tracking, and set up automatic backups to guard against data loss.

8. Training

We will take you through the admin section of your site and show you how to manage everything yourself. You'll also receive a custom guide you can refer back to later.

Have a unique need? We can expand our process to include market research, specialized presentations to stakeholders, extended user testing, and more.

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Why mockups aren't the first step

Design isn't decoration. Figuring out content structure, planning how your users will interact with your features, and identifying desired user actions are all part of the design process. The colors, fonts and pictures used to get people to those actions and features are actually secondary in importance.